About us


Paris Green Car is located at 6 Avenue de Creil - 60300 Senlis
Creation Date: 1996
Capital: €1,000
Total staff: 73 people
2010 turnover: €3 M
Shareholder: 100% Paris Shuttle One
Members: Tibor FARKAS, Martin Eteki, Mark Harris
Tel: +33(0)1 85 08 06 03/Fax: +33(0)1 82 83 39 81
Mail : reservation@parisgreencar.com



Paris Shuttle One was created in 1996 by Martin Eteki, who with 4 vehicles decided to provide a shuttle service to all Paris airports.

A fast, efficient and economical way to travel between airports and Paris. This service is an inexpensive and safe alternative to public transport or taxis for all leisure and business travelers. All vehicles are equipped with GPS to facilitate rapid transport.

A leader in the transportation industry since 1996, Parishuttle is now a flourishing company with over one million users. Within 14 years, it increased from 4 to 50 vehicles with a turnover of 3 M € in 2010, it currently manages between 900 and 1200 passengers daily and employs 73 people

Their original clients small and large (Easy jet, Expedia, Miki Travel )have remained faithful over the years.

It is with 14 years of experience in passenger transportation that Martin ETEKI, decided to establish a unique, innovative and environmentally-friendly concept, in june 2010, creating Paris Green Car, a company created to transport passengers via hybrid cars (Toyota Prius and Lexus). An ecological and chic concept!

Since its inception, its turnover has continued to evolve and is estimated at €3 million to date




The implementation of an international commercial strategy for Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car is one of the group’s main challenges. Coordinated action plans and the development of identified synergies will enable us to strengthen the two companies’ positions versus the competition in terms of offers and market share. This means capitalizing on the complementarities of Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car, while preserving each brand's identity and potential, in order to create more value.


The complementarity of the networks and a shared loyalty program are the fundamentals for meeting its customers’ needs.
Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car use the complementarity of their networks to benefit their customers: Paris Shuttle boasts a strong presence in Europe, the USA, China, and India, while Paris Green Car has developed a strong network in Japan (in 6 months).
Paris Shuttle-Paris Green Car thereby uses the great strength of its combined offer to help the most demanding passengers, who can organize transfers according to their exact their time constraints, at the best possible rates.
The objective of Paris Shuttle’s and Paris Green Car’s international commercial strategy is to develop the presence of both companies on all foreign markets, while capitalizing on their respective strengths, in order to offer customers a comprehensive and simplified offer.
Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car enables the emergence of a major European market player, the leading operator in Paris in terms of turnover; boasting two very complementary brands that will continue to coexist in the long-term, with no cannibalization.
The implementation of this strategy is the result of a very pragmatic approach, in two main stages, enabling the teams of Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car to define action plans for “the field” and to act together.

Roissy Shuttle

1st step :
Increase Paris Green Car’s B2C activity by 10%, by increasing the advertising budget by 20% every year.

2nd step :
Offer Paris Shuttle’s existing travel agents the complementarity (Paris Green Car).

The result of this work will make it possible to set the following key objectives:

  • Increase customer satisfaction,
  • Develop market share,
  • Increase margins and implement the synergies identified,
  • Create value by respecting each company’s know-how,

Turnover from the last three years:
In 2007: €2.86 M
In 2008: €3.17 M
In 2010: €3 M


It is naturally in the field that the commercial outline of the new AIRPORT VAN group is being defined.
Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car are convinced that, together, they will be able to more effectively carry out their activity of passenger transport operator - whose purpose is to be at the service of companies and the economy - and to satisfy passengers’ desire to travel.
The 73 employees of Paris Shuttle and Paris Green Car share the same vision of their business, the same values, and the same sense of customer service. Founded on a simple concept, "one group, two companies", to respect their identities and brands while sharing the results. The pride and the pleasure of working together, which these 73 employees share today, is a key element in the group’s success.