with driver in Paris

Do you need a chauffeur-driven car for a few hours! Paris Green Car offer customized services for your private and professional journeys, 24 hours a day and for a minimum of only one hour.

Hire a chauffeur-driven car for professional journeys

Airport Shuttle

if you have several appointments, a luncheon, a client or a colleague to collect at the station or airport, a tight schedule or a schedule that is always changing…

Paris Green Car can provide you with a vehicle to facilitate your working day by resolving any logistics problems.

For businesses and their managers, Paris Green Car offers an executive chauffeur service, a combination of efficiency and environmental friendliness

Events: A bespoke service for the organisation of your transport.

Parisian Taxi

Organization of trade fairs, conferences, parties, seminars, etc.
Paris Green Car has a dedicated fleet for your event's transportation needs.

  • Shuttle service for parties, to take your VIPs back home.
  • Customize our cars with your event's colors (magnets and stickers on doors).
  • Welcome services: coordination of arrivals at the airport or at the location of the event.

Discover Paris on board a luxury vehicle

Paris Taxi

During your stay in Paris, Paris green Car provides environmentally friendly vehicles with premium interior comfort and convenience and a driver, to go shopping or visit Paris:

  • Tourism: historical monuments, Versailles Castle, Normandy, the Loire Castles.
  • Transfer to Disneyland Paris from Paris or the airports. Welcoming your guests on their arrival with a sign in your company's colors.
  • Payment made by you or paid by the passenger directly to the driver (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) with prices determined in advance.

Private chauffeur driven car
Flat rate

between 4 am and 10 pm
(Rates per vehicle, 1 to 4 passengers)
1 hour 100€ 100.00€/h
2 hours 100€ 50.00€/h
3 hours 150€ 50.00€/h
4 hours 190€ 47.50€/h
5 hours 235€ 47.00€/h
6 hours 280€ 46.67€/h
7 hours 325€ 46.43€/h
8 hours 370€ 46.25€/h
9 hours 415€ 46.11€/h
10 hours 460€ 46.00€/h
11 hours 505€ 45.91€/h
12 hours 550€ 45.83€/h
13 hours 595€ 45.77€/h
14 hours 640€ 45.71€/h
15 hours 685€ 45.67€/h
16 hours 730€ 45.63€/h
17 hours 775€ 45.59€/h
18 hours 820€ 45.56€/h
between 10 pm and 4 am
1 hour 132€ 132.00€/h
2 hours 132€ 66.00€/h
3 hours 198€ 66.00€/h
4 hours 254€ 63.50€/h
5 hours 315€ 63.00€/h
6 hours 376€ 62.67€/h

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