Motorbike Taxi company - Urban Driver



Using our service will often cost the same or just a little more than a premium car service, but will usually take half the time. Below are full details of our current rates.

Fares Prices Travel time
Paris <-> Paris From
€ 30
between 10 and 20 min
Paris <-> Orly From
€ 50
between 10 and 20 min
Paris <-> Roissy CDG From
€ 65
between 10 and 20 min
Rates available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 8.00 pm
From 6.00am to 8.00am / From 8.00pm to 10.00pm: + 15 €
Saturday & Sunday : + 15 €
Service Goldwing : + 15 €


Taxis Paris

Urban Driver is a specialist moto cab company founded in 2008. His entrepreneur, Mr Talureau Bertrand, has created a special service to transport people in Paris and its suburbs daily on motorcycle.

Urban Driver has two kind of vehicles to propose to the customers: they can choose in between Maxi Scooter “Suzuki Burgman 650cc”, very convenient and the Honda Goldwing 1800cc, so called “limousine” of the motorbike.


By using our service, you can positively impact the environment.

Actually, the maxi scooter Suzuki Burgman 650cc are only rejecting 125gCO2/KM (Source Ademe : Environment & Energy control Agency), which means 50 to 70% less CO2 as a regular cab.

Moto Cab and « Eco-driving »
Driving environment-friendly (Eco-driving), is a new way of driving, to limit Co2 emissions as well as fuel consumption.

Regular maintenance and scooter replacement (every 6 to 8 months) linked to a soft way of driving by our moto cab drivers (Anticipation, soft acceleration, assisted braking, etc.) have several advantages :
- Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
- Controlling vehicles maintenance costs
- Decrease accident rate


Taxi Orly
  • Time savings : no more delay because of traffic-jam
  • Less stress : no time pressure
  • Control on your budgets, flat rates
  • Security : regular maintenance and replacement